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NEWS: Bean poles and pea sticks are now being cut!
Cost is £20/bundle of 20 bean poles, and £8/bundle of 20 pea sticks. See here for more details, or contact me to place an order.

Green Wood Workshop – Talks, Demonstrations and External Courses

Grosvenor & Hilbert Park – Basketry Course 1 Feb 2020
Godstone Gardeners Club – Willow Demo 4 Mar 2020
North West Kent Partnership – Hedgelaying Course 24 Feb 2020
North Tonbridge Horticultural Society –  Willow Demo 2 Mar 2020
Scotney Castle – Basketry Course 14 Mar 2020
Workshops at Wowo – Willow Garden Structures Course 25 Apr 2020
Gatton Park – Willow Garden Structures Course 26 Apr 2019
Friends of Woking Palace –  Hurdle-making Demo  2 May 2020
Living Land – Green Woodwork Demo 7 May 2020
Workshops at Wowo – Basketry Course 25 Apr 2020
Arundel Castle Joust – Medieval Basketry Demo & Sales 21-26 Jul 2020
Bentley Woodfair –  Basketry Demo & Sales 18-20 Sept 2020
Countryside Live – 23-24 Sept 2020


About Us

John has been involved with the environment, ecology, woodland management and conservation since 1990. He originally volunteered with various conservation groups and was employed at Bore Place as a Conservation Officer to manage the 60 acres of woodlands and run the Green Wood Workshop.

He is a fully qualified tree surgeon and coppice worker and makes a range of woodcraft products. He set up his own business in 2000 and now runs courses and offers woodland advice and tree surgery cross Kent, Sussex, Surrey and into South London. Please contact us for more information.

His particular areas of expertise include:

– Woodland management and conservation
– Making small woodlands work economically
– Coppicing and tree felling
– Hedgelaying
– Tree Surgery
– Hurdles
– Continuous weave fencing
– Living willow structures
– Baskets
– Willow work
– Willow husbandry
– Garden Products
– Chairs and Furniture
– Pole Lathe Turning and Green wood in all its forms.

Green Wood Workshop

What is Green Wood?

Green Wood is freshly felled, still sappy wood. To work it requires a set of simple techniques based on an understanding of how wood reacts – both to the tools, and to the drying and shrinking processes. Because it is green, the wood is soft and easy to work with hand tools, and because of this, green woodwork creates little waste, and can utilise small trees and logs. It is therefore green in all senses of the word – especially here at the Green Wood Workshop as at Bore Place the trees are felled as part of ongoing woodland restoration and sustainable management. Our courses and volunteer days are about learning woodcraft and helping with the conservation of Bore Place.

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