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 Last updated 15 May 2018

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Practical Conservation
and Volunteer Days

In accordance with the dormant winter season, we’ll be carrying out most of our active habitat management between October and March.

Coppicing and tree felling will maintain the structural layers of the wood on which much of our wildlife depends. Cutting in discrete blocks means minimal disturbance to the rest of the wood and results in a mosaic of different growth, much like a 3D patchwork quilt. The wood is put to its best use as raw material for coppice crafts and green woodwork.

The volunteer days are a chance to help with practical conservation in the woods and around the Field Trail. Join the small group of people that make a huge contribution to the new projects and maintenance work on site, with plenty of tea and coffee as an extra incentive!

If you would prefer to help at Bore Place on midweek days, please contact Commonwork (info@commonwork.org). Practical conservation is on-going, every week through the year.

Please contact me for further information and details of how to get involved.

and Customers

In addition to the Green Wood Workshop, John also runs tailor-made courses that can be adapted to suit your requirements. Clients include:

Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew) at Wakehurst Place

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton

WoWo Campsite, Sussex
currently arranging courses in rustic furniture, living willow structures, living willow seats and willow garden structures

Downderry Nursery
(their exhibit of lavender planted in John’s tailor made giant basket won a Gold Medal, the Tudor Rose award AND The Most Creative Exhibit in the Floral Marquees at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, 2005 - click here for a picture)

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Various branches of the Women’s Institute

Women’s Farm and Garden Association

South East Water (Obelisk making)

Kent Wildlife Gardening

Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Conservation Volunteers

Various Garden and Landscape Designers, including:
Sarah Seed of Sevenoaks